Google Classroom Workshop

If you are currently teaching remotely and need to learn more about Google Classroom and how to set it up for your classes look no further. Remote training is offered by Literacy for Urban Empowerment. Tuition for 4 sessions of remote training is $60. Sign up for a session by clicking on the Workshops tab to the left.


L.U.E. Corp’s goal is to support and encourage the educational development of youth and adults in urban communities by providing them with access to learning resources in an experiential learning environment where “Education, Empowerment & Evolution” is the focal point.



Shared Visions for a Better Community

Non-profits working together on a shared vision of promoting education is crucial to the betterment of our community and also for sustaining meaningful partnerships. 

One of the goals of L.U.E. Corp. is to establish meaningful partnerships with other organizations to propel greater services to the community. Non-profits that work together uphold the belief in organizational empowerment by collaborating and creating new and innovative programs that can be offered across all spectrums.