L.U.E. Corp Programs



One of the current programs that L.U.E. Corp is offering to the public are computer classes.

A grant proposal is pending to initiate the Youth Tech Initiative Program (Y-TIP) which is a FREE program that will enhance the computer skills of youth between the ages of 13-18 in grades 7-12. The goal of Y-TIP is to enable young low-income youth to achieve academic success that leads to an increase in educational attainment, future employability and offers the fundamentals of pursuing a career in Information Technology.


At a time where the economy is at its lowest, it is important to equip our youth & adults with educational resources that will prepare them for what is now an employers job market. L.U.E. Corp's way of ensuring that our community members are capable of securing employment and increasing educational and professional development is by bridging the digital divide, increasing entry-level work experience, providing supplemental educational resources for youth in school and out of school and by providing a hands on learning environment.


Current Programs:

Microsoft Office Computer Classes - computer training in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point to increase employability and productivity in the workplace.

High School Equivalency - It is unfortunate that so many of our youth are dropping out of school. There are various reasons for the high dropout rate, nonetheless, L.U.E. Corp will provide individuals seeking academic achievement with a course designed to help them study and prepare to take the HSE exam. After obtaining the HSE, participants will be urged to enroll in college and L.U.E. Corp will assist with the enrollment process.


Gift of Giving - every year for Christmas we donate toys to children in need at local family shelters and churches in Queens and Bronx New York.

Pending Programs


Y-TIP (Youth Tech Initiative Program) - computer training for youth & adults that leads to Microsoft Certification in Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Access.

Work Readiness Credential - This program offers individuals an opportunity to obtain a credential that can be considered as work experience. The credential will especially work well with populations who have little to no work experience. What the National Work Readiness Credential does is empower individuals who are seeking employment. It caters to individuals entering the workforce for the first time, individuals returning to the workforce after some time away and individuals transitioning from one industry to another. 

Spanish as a Second Language - This is a new and innovative approach to teach children at an early age the importance of learning another language to communicate with others and to be equipped for the workforce which is now requiring that prospective employees are bilingual. The class will be designed for English speaking children ages 7-12 as well as youth & adults 13 and up.